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The Osseodensification Burs Kit

Osseodensification Burs Kit, Dental Drills, Densah Bur Kit with Stopper

Dental Implant Osseodensification Burs Kit are available at Medsalin, High Quality with Stainless Steel material. Osseodensification Burs Kits Saw Disk for dental implants involves the use of special drills run in a counter-clockwise direction at the Osteotomy site.

Dental Implant Osseodensification Kit

It is claimed that this causes expansion of the osteotomy site, and increases the density of the bone in the immediate vicinity of the Osteotomy. Dental implants are medical devices surgically implanted into the jaw to restore a person’s ability to chew or their appearance. They provide support for artificial (fake) teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Osseodensification Burs Kit

Osseodensification Burs

The Universal Densah Bur Kit including Short Densah Burs is the best value for your practice if you use multiple implant systems. These burs use external irrigation and are compatible with all available sized implants up to 6.0 leaving you with the flexibility to do more with less. The proprietary flute design allows the bur to work in 2 modes:

Cutting Mode (Clockwise rotation) at 800-1500 RPMs
Densifying Mode (Counterclockwise rotation) at 800-1500 RPMs

Full Universal DENSAH Osseodensification Bur Kit with 2 pilot burs (12 standard burs and 6 short burs). The Osseodensification Burs with Stopper non-abrasive flute design (four or more minor flutes) allow bone compaction when reversed (800-1500 rpm). With this technique, known as Osseo densification, bone can be autografted along the entire length of the osteotomy by a hydrodynamic process, aided by constant irrigation. This procedure improves bone density and thus ensures increased implant stability. In addition, the Densah drills can also be used clockwise, i.e. cutting.

Osseodensification Burs with Stopper 


2x Parallel Pin

2x Parallel Pin XL

1x Ratchet Extender

1x Parallel Pin

Tissue Punch Sizes:

3.5 mm,

4.0 mm,

4.5 mm,

5.0 mm,

5.5 mm

  • Osseodensification Burs Kit
  • Osseodensification Burs Kit with Stopper
  • Osseodensification Burs Implants Kit
  • Osseodensification Bur Kit

Drill Sizes:

(1525) 2.0 mm,(2535) 3.0 mm, (3545) 4.0 mm, (4555) 5.0 mm.

(1828) 2.3 mm,(2838) 3.3 mm, (3848) 4.3 mm, (4858) 5.3 mm.

(2228) 2.5 mm,(3238) 3.5 mm, (4248) 4.5 mm, (5258) 5.5 mm.

Short Tapered Pilot Drill: 1.6mm

Burs are externally irrigated

Drill speeds of 800-1500 Rmp.

Membrane Sinus Lift Lateral Reamer Drill Sizes:

Membrane Sinus Lift Lateral Reamer Drill Ø 3.3mm,

Membrane Sinus Lift Lateral Reamer Drill Ø 3.7mm,

Membrane Sinus Lift Lateral Reamer Drill Ø 3.3mm (Head Size)

Membrane Sinus Lift Lateral Reamer Drill Ø8.0

Membrane Sinus Lift Lateral Reamer Drill Ø6.0

Lateral Approach Cutter Membrane Ø8.0mm

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What is Osseodensification?

Osseodensification is a Novel Implant Preparation Technique that Increases Implant Primary Stability by Compaction and Auto-Grafting Bone

What is Osseodensification for sinus lift?

The conventional sinus lift techniques made use of standard drilling protocol with burs for preparing the site for implant placement. Osseodensification is a novel technique, wherein highspeed densifying burs are used in increasing sizes to preserve and compact the bone as the sinus floor is elevated

How do you ensure osseointegration?

Osseointegration Success Tips:
Choose an experienced and knowledgeable dental implant surgeon, such as Dr. …
Use all prescribed antibiotics as directed.
Consider the use of an antibacterial mouthwash to further cut down on bacteria in the mouth

What are the osseointegration stages?

Once activated; osseointegration follows a common, biologically determined program that is subdivided into 3 stages: Incorporation by woven bone formation; Adaptation of bone mass to load (lamellar and parallel-fibered bone deposition); Adaptation of bone structure to load (bone remodeling).

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