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The Highest Quality Precision Ophthalmic Instruments:

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Medsal International Ophthalmic Instruments is a family-owned and operated business, providing eye care professionals with quality products and services at competitive prices since 1977.
Medsal International can help you compare and reduce the costs of eye and ophthalmic surgical instruments, including all popular styles and features:
Medsal international Instruments carries a wide selection of German Stainless Steel Titanium Metal and alloys in the manufacturing of high-quality ophthalmic and eye surgical instruments. When you shop with us, you can reference any
part number from any surgical instrument company and find an identical or equivalent instrument in our inventory.
Do you have an instrument that needs replacing? Or a set that needs expanding? Reference the number etched on the instrument you would like to match and we’ll find what you need!
Our Instrument Experts are always on hand to help you find exactly the ophthalmic surgical instruments you need.
You can talk to them online, by phone, or by email. We take pride in our knowledgeable and professional staff, you will find them able to assist you in finding the instruments best suited to your practice.
We stand by our instruments at Millennium. We guarantee that your surgeons will be satisfied with the instruments you purchase from us with our no-risk Service plus Guarantee.
The instruments below are some of our best sellers in ophthalmic and eye surgical instruments. Contact us at any time for assistance, a quote, or any other information.
We Value Your Success:
At Medsal International, we’re committed to establishing real, responsive relationships with our customers as a means of actively solving their problems and aiding their success. Our core values reflect that promise.
Thanks to our in-house manufacturing facility we are committed to satisfying the requirements of our worthy clients in time, our continuous effort is to improve quality and gain trust.

Ophthalmic Instruments

At Surgical Holdings, we provide a range of ophthalmic instruments for ophthalmologist’s providing visual and eye care. Our ophthalmic instruments are designed to prevent potential eye damage, disease, or injuries.

Ophthalmic instruments include:

  • Forceps – Serrated and untoothed forceps for holding tissue, such as the iris, to restrict movement during ophthalmology.
  • Needle Holders – For holding the needle in position whilst applying sutures.
  • Iris Scissors – Used for intraocular manoeuvres in the iris and deeper and more delicate structures or to cut the external side of the cornea or iris.

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