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A light Weight precised CNC innovated of German Stainless Steel Dental Instrument with the commitment of 5 year warranty against defects, rust and corrosion.

1/2 After Five Gracey Curette 16g

$ 35

1/2 Mini Five Gracey Curette 16g

$ 35

1/2 Standard Gracey Curette 16g

$ 35

11/12 After Five Gracey Curette 16g

$ 35

11/12 Mini Five Gracey Curette 16g

$ 35

11/12 Standard Gracey Curette 16g

$ 35

13/14 After Five Gracey Curette 16g

$ 35

13/14 Mini Five Gracey Curette 16g

$ 35
Dental Instruments Scouring Process
Dental Extracting Forceps Kit of 10 Pcs

Extraction Forceps

Extraction Forceps Kit is a perfect need for extractions in minor oral surgery (Available all number of extraction forceps)

Extraction Forceps Kit

Extraction Forceps Set of 10

$ 359

Extraction Forceps (#79 1,7,13,17,18,22,33,51,67) Set of 10

Extraction forceps are the most commonly used instruments for tooth/teeth extraction. Specifications:
  • The product meets standards for quality.
  • Highly polished finish for looks and to prevent corrosion.
  • The Clinical Procedure is done with a high level of accuracy and flexibility.
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel promotes durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • The package includes 10 different types of forceps.
  • Forceps are used for teeth extraction.
  • Extraction Forceps are most commonly used to extract the tooth from the alveolar bone socket.
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